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A5 Loin Set (Ribeye, Striploin)

A5 Loin Set (Ribeye, Striploin)

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 About This Wagyu Steak

Country of Origin


Wagyu Brand

Kagoshima, Hokkaido, Miyazaki



A5 NY Strip (15-16oz)
A5 Ribeye (15-16oz)

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    • Order Terms & Conditions

      - Delivery in 2-5 days.

      - Temperature controlled standard shipping.

      - Shipped Frozen.

      - Vacuum Sealed.

      - All orders include a Certificate of Authenticity.

    • When Do We Ship Out Your Order?

      For all orders processed after Thursday, we ship out the orders on the following Monday. We work to avoid shipping out any orders over the weekend to guarantee the quality of our Wagyu if there are any issues in shipment. 

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