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Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS 8/9

Australian Wagyu Ribeye MS 8/9

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About This Wagyu Steak

This is the perfect cut for those who like to sit down and enjoy a whole steak by themselves. This selection comes from Kuroge Washu (Japanese Black Haired Cattle) raised in Australia. Before Japan banned the exports of Kuroge Washu DNA, Australia was one of the few countries that imported Kuroge Washu. A lot of farms have been crossbreeding Kuroge Washu with Angus or Holstein. However, in the case of our MS 8-9 Australian Wagyu Ribeye, they come from animals that were purebred, hence no mix of breeds, only Japanese Black Haired Cattle.

Why Australian Wagyu? Because farms from Australia have a strong reputation for raising beef in a safe, green, and clean system. In addition, the country's farms are free of all major endemic livestock diseases. Most importantly, second to Japan, Australia is the largest Wagyu producer country. Hence, they have been experimenting with different crossbreeds and feeds for a few decades, producing fantastic quality beef.

More Details About The Steak

Country of Origin


Wagyu Breed

Purebred Kuroge Washu 

Grade 9+
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        - Delivery in 2-5 days.

        - Temperature controlled standard shipping.

        - Shipped Frozen.

        - Vacuum Sealed.

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